Welcome to DDS Lombok…

We are one of the local diving companies that have a lot of diving experiences around the waters of Gili and Lombok. Which we know a lot about the development of tourism in the area, especially in the field of diving. It is with experience-based that we began to try to set up our diving school where competition was intense, especially because of the many foreign diving companies. From the beginning of our career we worked at famous companies in the Gili and Lombok areas. So that’s why our operational standards are copyrighted. Safety is the first priority.
We invite you to dive with us and explore all existing dive sites and be able to feel the sensation of diving with the local. Our office is in two famous hotels in Senggigi. Jayakarta Hotel Lombok and Aruna Hotel Senggigi

office in Jayakarta Hotel
Big Boat “Nadya”

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