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Hello, my name is Rahadian Hasnadi, or ‘Dian’, I am one of the locals who love the beautiful nature of Lombok. Born and raised in the small town of Ampenan, one of the first port cities on Lombok, I fell in love with the beautiful scenery, coral reefs and the ocean which I try to show people what is underwater realm like by photography format.
Hanging out on the beach since I was growing up, I developed a lifelong passion for water and sea activities. It took a few moments but less than 14 years ago I made the decision to live a dream and I started working where my passion was. I started taking diving lessons when there were not many diving shops in Gili and Lombok. First I remembered that at the first dive I was very happy and smiled because I could breathe in the water. and I think this will be a fun thing to do in the future.
I started working at one of the famous diving companies of his time. And photography is my special skill to build my diving business.
As a local resident who is a PADI certified professional diving instructor, I am proud to work every day with our team and ensure the best quality scuba diving services and are responsible to our guests.
I invite you to be our guest and let us help you realize your diving dreams.

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